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CCTV Cable Installation provides a professional CCTV installation service with over 20 years of experience installing high-quality systems from manufacturers like Hikvision. CCTV Cable Installation services projects of all sizes in the United Kingdom and its surrounding areas.

People who use CCTV installation services have a reliable security system that enables them to safeguard their valuable property. As part of direct consultation, a specialist engineer will inspect your site and report back to you. CCTV Cable Installation will discuss your requirements and analyse the site before informing you of the available options. This means that we will install a camera system tailored to your project.

What CCTV Cameras Do We Install & Why?

IP-based CCTV systems are becoming increasingly affordable and offer high-definition resolutions. The IP cameras provide excellent coverage and detail. An analogue camera has about 0.4 megapixels, whereas a standard IP camera has 2 megapixels, which is 5 times the resolution of an analogue camera. IP systems also provide greater advancement in analytical software.

These new advanced video systems enable users to quickly analyse the hours of footage they have recorded. This can also be combined with other software to enable some applications to include facial recognition, automatic licence plate recognition, and motion detection. Users are able to log in remotely through a web-based interface and can able to monitor real-time footage on tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

CCTV Cable Installation

CCTV Monitoring and Analysis Software. This software accurately and automatically identifies events captured by CCTV cameras. The analytics recognises faces, people counts, vehicle types, animals, colours, and bags when combined with facial and automatic number plate recognition software.

It also monitors speed, the amount of time an object or person spends in a specific location, and the direction of movement. Some events, such as vehicle movements, objects being removed, and unauthorised entry, are easily identified as potential threats. When these events occur, you will be notified if an alarm is raised by you or your security staff.

CCTV Installation

The Advantages of IP CCTV Camera Systems Flexibility Because the images are transmitted to a central location via the internet, a wide area, and local networks, no local recording is required. The images can be viewed, recorded, and managed by the central user.

Access via the internet A user can remotely login into a secure server and view real-time footage on PCs, laptops, tablets, or smartphones via a web-based interface. Power It can be powered by a variety of sources, including mains and batteries. With IP connections, power can be delivered along with data via the Ethernet connection.

CCTV cable installation Hybrid High-end NVRs (Network Video Recorders) allow existing CCTV cameras to be incorporated into IP systems. It significantly reduces the basic costs, thus allowing a gradual approach towards a complete IP system solution. Redundancy Users can record to an NVR. Thus, it offers additional safety to recover the footage in the event of corruption of data on the main NVR.

Improved system integration, In any case, these IP cameras CCTV cable installation, automatically send recorded images to an IP video phone. It is possible to use IP-based services directly on this system, such as sending images via email via FTP. Lossless Playback Footage can be reviewed multiple times with multiple zooms, even on fixed lens cameras, with no degradation of the images; this is a common issue in analogue systems, where high-quality images are frequently unreadable.

Cost-effective Face and ANPR recognition allow for faster access control because they are built into the camera heads, eliminating the need to purchase separate software or modules. Because IP-based cameras provide high-resolution images, you can cover a larger area with fewer cameras. For CCTV Installation cable Services, contact CCTV Cable Installation. If you’d like to talk about your CCTV installation needs, please call us at