Freesat Cables and Freesat Installation

Freesat Cables

What is Freesat? Launched in 2008, Freesat is a joint venture between the BBC and ITV. It is a completely free, non-subscription based TV service received via a satellite dish. Freesat currently boasts over 200 digital TV and radio channels and 11 crystal clear High Definition (HD) channels. At the time of launch Freesat was perfect to receive extra TV channels and services no available through their TV aerial prior to the digital switch over. As it uses the same satellite dish and satellites in space as Sky, it’s the perfect solution for those wishing to save on their costly subscription service. Just pull out the old Sky box, in with the Freesat box and you’re ready to go. With the exception of Sky Q in which a small alteration will need to be made to the satellite dish. Freesat is also a great alternative to area with a poor or limited Freeview reception.

What is Freesat+ and Freetime?

Freesat+ is the same as Freesat, with the added functionality of being able to pause, stop and rewind live TV along with being able to record, schedule and store TV recordings on the in-built hard drive. Recordings can be accessed at any time and this is removes the need for separate recording devices such as DVD and VCR recorders.

Freetime is the evolution is Freesat. It essentially is a combination of live TV and On demand content such as BBCiPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and Youtube as well as others supplied via a broadband internet connection. Accessing catch up TV is a breeze via the 7 day TV guide, just scroll back up to 7 days to access the programmes you missed. Couldn’t be any easier.

How do I get Freesat and Freetime?

Freesat, Freesat+ and Freetime all require a small, unobtrusive satellite dish installed outside of the building and a Freesat receiver, nearly always in the form of a satellite Set Top Box. Although Freesat capable TV’s do exist, the majority are not and are usually only available on larger TV screens. You should also be careful in the assumption that all TV’s with a satellite dish connection are Freesat enabled, as sometimes they are not. Although these will still pick up all the channels, the TV won’t look to store the programmes in any particular order and you will receive many duplicates of the same channel. Usually time can be spent arranging the channels, but this can be quite time consuming.

To receive Freetime, in addition to the satellite dish you will also require a broadband connection as well as a Freetime capable receiver, TV or Set Top Box.

Why Choose Smart Aerials for your Freesat Installation or Repair?

We already have over 1000 happy customers. We care deeply that our customers are happy with the service they receive so we can continue to add to this number. We are “Trading Standards Approved” and offer 12 month ‘Double backed guarantees’ with all of our domestic satellite dish installations and repairs. We can also supply and install a variety of Freesat boxes at great prices, with a full demonstration of your equipment as standard.