Security Cabling services

Today, security systems are more important than ever before…
The ability monitor, track and record your organisation’s activities are crucial and are often placed high on the agenda of potential new clients. For example, if you were a school, a parent would want to know that they were sending their child to a safe secure environment with controls and measures in place to help safeguard their child. Or you may be a company that handles or stores sensitive data or high value stock.

New technology now alows organisations to implement a comprehensive and stringent security policy without the need to employ an exhaustive list of highly trained personnel or impose restrictive and unworkable practices on it’s employees.

Let’s take IP CCTV. This is a technology that has an extremely high degree of intelligence. Not only does it act as a way of monitoring unsupervised areas but it will also act upon what it sees by interrogating the parameters that have been set by an organisation. It will then proceed to notify appropriate personnel via a choice of different medium; email, text, telephone or physical audio and video alerts. The images from these notifications can then be viewed by any authorised computer located anywhere in the building, the site or for that fact, anywhere in the world via a secure connection across the internet.

This gives an organisation several cost saving advantages:

No dedicated security personnel to monitor cameras. Sample IP CCTV Footage
No need to employ 24 hr security staff.
No expensive dedicated recording equipment.
No dedicated security monitoring area within your building.
Save time searching videotapes. Instant incident retrieval.
Minimise storage facility.
IP CCTV will even record sound and allow you to have two way audio, which means that you can confront non authorised personnel at a safe distance without comprimising the safety of your staff.

CDI Security Services are also a registered NSI alarm installer for Redcare monitored alarm system and are also authorised to install computer based access control systems such as Nortech and Paxton, which allow an organisation to control, manage and monitor access to their buildings by use of secure keypads, tokens, cards or even a biometric based system for iris and or fingerprint recognition. A system such as Nortech or Paxton will provide you with a full report at any given moment, as to who is in the building and even provide a secure shutdown of services in an emergency or just at the end of a working day.

CDI Security Services can integrate all of these systems to provide you with a solution that will encompass all aspects of building security to provide you with a tailored solution to meet your organisation’s working practices.