Telephone Line Repair Services:

It does not matter if it’s a home or business telephone line repair service; all rely heavily on our telephone-based services. So, whether it be for internet access in your home or office, or running the credit office, machines in your retail business. The old telephone line is still a service that telephone cable repair service cannot do without. If you find problems with yours, you don’t need to look any further. Telephone Line Repair Services are ready to help. Telephone Line Repair Services fully support everything on the list below.

  • Broken lines and cabling
  • Poor quality service
  • Calls dropping
  • Hissing, fuzz, or crackling on the line
  • Untidy cabling
  • Phone Line Faults
  • Corrosion or worn materials
  • Krone panels / multi core support
  • House alarm / telephone problems
  • External cabling
  • Damaged phone line wiring

SERVICE: Sometimes the problems we troubleshoot are not just related to damaged cabling, often problems can be issues ranging from damp terminals, corroded copper, faulty sockets or loose jacks but often it’s hard to determine what the actual issue is without the correct equipment and expertise. That’s why you need our help.

  • Telephone cable repair service Install broadband, fax & telephone extensions anywhere you choose.
  • Telephone cable repair service We repair any type of problem, such as broadband, fax & telephone line fault problems.
  • Telephone cable repair service Replace – Old worn out and degraded phone cables with modern, reliable materials.
  • Telephone cable repairs service Move – Any type of landline socket to any location you choose.

Did you know that the phone lines inside your home or office belong to you and that Open Reach is only responsible for the connection one metre inside your door? Open Reach is required to support the national telephone network regardless of who your supplier is so it’s always a good idea to give them a call to see if there is a fault on your line or a general fault in your area before calling us. Open Reach can give you advice over the phone, such as your line status, expected broadband speeds, fault status if any, etc. The exception to this rule is if UPC supplies your phone, as they use a VOIP system that runs on their own coax based cabling and is not an Open Reach responsibility.

Any work we invoice for is guaranteed to be reliable for 12 months. So that means if you have any problem with our work, simply call us and we will come out and resolve the issue free of charge. As Yorkshire’s No.1 telecoms service, we have developed many methods of delivering a top class service and this is evident in our work and guarantee.