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Our highly trained WiFi installers design and install fast, powerful WiFi networks that eliminate Wi-Fi dead zones and ensure strong WiFi signals throughout your property. There will be no more WiFi dead zones. No more buffering on WiFi. No more frostbite.

With more of us working from home these days, having a strong, stable Wifi signal and professional wifi installation is critical. Our fully wired wifi networks will reach every room in your house, office, or even your backyard. Solutions for large and stone buildings where it can be difficult to extend wifi signals from a single router and cause wifi issues. WiFi Installation service near me hardwired wifi access points will be the ideal solution to all of your wifi issues. To protect your wifi network and keep your system safe from hackers, we use WPA2 security encryption.

WiFi Installation service near me

There are numerous ‘DIY’ solutions available on the market to boost or extend wifi. Normally, these wifi extenders piggyback signals over the mains power, resulting in unstable wifi and wifi dropout. This is readily apparent when using video platforms such as Zoom or Skype, or when downloading films from services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime. Other wireless mesh systems can lose speed with each additional unit, resulting in a 50% drop in speed and severe data loss.

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Our wifi networks will solve all issues and provide the best wifi coverage. Each of our Wifi repeaters can support up to 60 simultaneous users, which is more than enough for most domestic households and small offices. Guaranteed fast, stable wifi speeds and strong wifi signals. WiFi Installation service near me wifi points are suitable for both commercial and residential use, and you can set your own security passwords. Create a memorable password and network name for yourself. WiFi Installation service near me use high-quality Cat6 cabling and offer ceiling and wall-mounted units to complement your surroundings. Upgrade your WiFi now and schedule your free survey.

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